How to fix 1.8 2.0 TSI TFSI oil consumption problem

We have successfully attempted to use new pistons in TSI engine.
No further oil intake was found (before recovery, the intake was 1.5 liters per 1000 km).

The repairs of oil consumption in 2019 are focused on one problem - the use of a piston, which I created and described in the article (about 40251600 wide piston overflow, or use the latest model type 41197600.

Piston type 40251600:

  • occurs with 21 and 23 mm pins - by mid 2011 all engines had a 21 mm pin
  • Currently, after a mileage of about 25,000 km - 400ml / 10000km, I do not know what will happen in the future, forecasts a maximum of 200ml / 1000km after the course of 150,000. km from renovation
  • Kolbenschmidt no longer promotes this piston, proposes a new one at 23 mm
  • it does not require the connecting rods to be replaced

Piston type 41197600( 41198600 for 2.0 tfsi)

  • only on 23 mm - requires new connecting rods
  • Hard-to-reach connecting rods Kolbenschmidt kpl. About 1600 PLN, service set cost 4000 PLN
  • not tested

The rest of the part:

  • Timming set Engine Team 1250 PLN
  • Tensioner service VW 230 PLN
  • Timming set servise VW 2000 PLN

Or separately, eg on swag chains in various configurations.

The tensioner must be replaced.

Spark plugs NGK PFR7S8EG 48x4pcs = 192 PLN
Multi-groove belt Conti 50-65 PLN
A set of Elring 325 930 head screws 85 PLN
Head screws wrench set RIBE-CV 80 PLN
Gasket set Reintz with silicone 560 PLN (Head gasket, valve sealants, silicone, collector gaskets, etc.)
Turbo-collector gasket / Elring PLN 25
4 pins + 4 caps for turbo (you often have to cut) 16 + 8 = 24 PLN
Kolbenschmidt connecting rod hubs PLN 270 PLN.
Connecting rods service screws PLN 140
A set of service injector seals 70 PLNx4 = 280 PLN (optional)


  • Kolbenschmidt piston 360 PLN x4 = 1440 PLN, type 40251600
  • Mahle piston 420 PLN x 4 = 1680 PLN

Rubber metal crankshaft gasket Elring / Reintz 150 PLN
Crankshaft gasket Elring  40 PLN
Mann oil filter W 719/45 45PLN
Filter of variator 06H103081E - discontinued in 2016

How many mechanics there are so many renovation options, it is not proposed to replace each screw, subject to be agreed with a mechanic.

I suggest exchanging motor oil after 10,000 km.

Please do not stretch the timing chain at a standstill - first hand brake, then clutch and gear.

Do not unfasten the turbocharger (unscrew between the turbo-collector with the catalyst, gasket in the set) and the air-conditioning system (move the compressor away).

We are selling reperation kits but primarily all informations are  non-commercial.

Good Luck!

Andrew Cieslik

call +48 530 530 936 Poland

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